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Edible Plants for Midwest Wellness Gardens and Foraging

Although I had previously written this article about edible plants with only foragers in mind, I think it’s also a great reference for Wellness Garden designers. Most Wellness Gardens are used in a passive manner, as in a place for sitting and reflecting. These…

Plants That Tantalize All 5 Senses

The purpose of a wellness garden is to distract people with plants for all 5 senses, so the mind is swayed to relax and live in the moment.

Mindfulness Practice in a Wellness Garden

woman being mindful in a garden

Stop for a moment. Consider just how valuable this present moment is. This moment is all there truly is. The concept of practicing mindfulness involves focusing on the present situation and staying in that state of mind. This can mean awareness of your surroundings,…

Inclusive Wellness Garden Design

An architectural drawing of a wellness garden

In an inclusive wellness garden environment, people with or without disabilities mobilize around the garden in the same way, equally.