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Grasses for Autumn Color

fall grasses

Many folks think of trees and shrubs for fall color, however ornamental grasses also offer exceptional autumn color. Here’s a great list of grasses to add to your garden designs. (Click here for Perennials with autumn color) Grasses offering RED autumn colors: Imperata β€˜Red…

Perennials For Autumn Color

autumn fern

When folks think of autumn color, trees are surely their first thought. However, not many folks realize that there are some perennials that put on a pretty good show at the end of the season also. So, if you’re the kind of gardener that…

Feng Shui Garden Design

Feng shui garden design

Feng Shui originated in China approximately 6,000 years ago. Feng Shui involves the arrangement of objects in relation to the flow of Qi (Chi, ζ°£) β€œnatural energy” to bring about happiness, abundance and harmony. Literally, Feng Shui translates to β€œwind” (Feng) and β€œwater” (Shui)….

Plants That Tantalize All 5 Senses

The purpose of a wellness garden is to distract people with plants for all 5 senses, so the mind is swayed to relax and live in the moment.

Inclusive Wellness Garden Design

An architectural drawing of a wellness garden

In an inclusive wellness garden environment, people with or without disabilities mobilize around the garden in the same way, equally.