Plant These Trees and Shrubs For More Butterflies

Who doesn’t want more butterflies in their yard?!? However, so many folks worry about feeding adult butterflies, that they forget that caterpillars need to eat too! With this in mind, here is a list of larval host trees and shrubs, along with the butterfly species that they attract. Planting these species in your yard willContinue reading “Plant These Trees and Shrubs For More Butterflies”

Perennials For Autumn Color

When folks think of autumn color, trees are surely their first thought. However, not many folks realize that there are some perennials that put on a pretty good show at the end of the season also. So, if you’re the kind of gardener that wants the most bang-for-their-buck out of their herbaceous plants, here’s aContinue reading “Perennials For Autumn Color”

DIY Potpourri After Gardening

After a hard day of deadheading your flowers, instead of tossing them in the compost bin, how about some DIY potpourri!?! Potpourri Fixings: Potpourri can be made from many different things from your yard that you’d normally consider waste. Woody seedheads, nutshells and even tree bark can hold fragrance essences for a long time. The only thingsContinue reading “DIY Potpourri After Gardening”

Grasses for Autumn Color

Many folks think of trees and shrubs for fall color, however ornamental grasses also offer exceptional autumn color. Here’s a great list of grasses to add to your garden designs. (Click here for Perennials with autumn color) Grasses offering RED autumn colors: Imperata ‘Red Baron’ – Japanese blood grass – under 2 feet – FoliageContinue reading “Grasses for Autumn Color”

Plant Trees Like a Licensed Arborist

If you’re not going to plant a tree correctly, why even plant it at all? If you’ve invested in adding a tree to your yard, you’ll need to know how to plant it properly. Remember, your tree is an investment (at the least) and a part of the family, you should only do what’s bestContinue reading “Plant Trees Like a Licensed Arborist”

Get Quality Landscaping For Dirt Cheap Pricing

Simply put: The words Quality Landscaping and Dirt Cheap don’t usually go together in a sentence! However, I’m here to tell you how they CAN go together and how you can get the landscaping you’ve been dreaming of, without breaking the bank. I wrote this guide to help you learn a bit about the processContinue reading “Get Quality Landscaping For Dirt Cheap Pricing”