5 Steps to a Blingy Winter Container

Happy winter, everyone! I’m excited to be making my evergreen winter pots again!! Winter season pots have to handle a lot of adverse conditions and actually have to last a long time, up to five months. This year, I decided a ‘BLINGY’ winter container was the direction I’m going. Your 5 Steps to a BlingyContinue reading “5 Steps to a Blingy Winter Container”

DIY Potpourri After Gardening

After a hard day of deadheading your flowers, instead of tossing them in the compost bin, how about some DIY potpourri!?! Potpourri Fixings: Potpourri can be made from many different things from your yard that you’d normally consider waste. Woody seedheads, nutshells and even tree bark can hold fragrance essences for a long time. The only thingsContinue reading “DIY Potpourri After Gardening”