Happy Birthday Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring”

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Rachel Louise Carson, author of “Silent Spring” (May 27, 1907 – April 14, 1964) was born in Springdale, Pennsylvania. She credits her mother for instilling her with a love for nature. In 1932, after many hard personal life problems, she graduated with a master’s degree in zoology. She taught for a few years, then in 1935, she obtained a part-time position with the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries as a writer of the radio show, “Romance Under the Waters”. She was promoted to full time junior aquatic biologist after being the first woman to take and pass the civil service test.

Her writing career started in 1951 with, “The Sea Around Us”. Followed by other books titled, ”The Edge of the Sea” & “Under the Sea Wind”. She wrote multitudes of articles on topics from pesticides to ecosystems. In 1958, her work started on the famous, “Silent Spring”, which implied if we continue using (DDT), it would cause the death of songbirds, hence no singing equaled silence. The book was released on September 27th, 1962 with much controversy.

In 1960, after some other health ailments, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This caused the delay in the publication of “Silent Spring”. After the book was released, many critics downed the book as being inconsistent and the research was not backed.

In the End…

Her book didn’t stop the government from banning DDT shortly after it’s release, though. Additionally, the pesticide industry took great measures to discredit her. Carson responded to these attacks by speaking to organizations, testifying at Congressional hearings, appearing on television, and conferring with President Kennedy and his Science Advisory Committee. In letters, she continued to defend her life’s work and urge that man use restraint and knowledge in his treatment of the environment.

Ultimately, Rachel Carson also started many influential, grassroots environmental movements, giving the start of the Environmental Protection Agency. She won many awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her research was the vehicle for the banning of DDT worldwide, though again, is still debated today.

Sadly, she died of breast cancer at the age of 56. Way too young for such a defender of the universe!!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring”

  1. Love Rachel Carson, I just finished reading the second in her Sea trilogy ‘The Sea Around Us’ which was excellent. Actually her debut and her own personal favourite, was the first in that trilogy, Under the Sea-Wind, first published in 1941, but virtually unknown due to the outbreak of war, when Pearl Harbour was bombed just after publication of her book. Thankfully it was resurrected and is still being read today, it’s a wonderful book.
    Thanks for your post, so great to see people celebrating Rachel Carson; a wonderful role model.

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