DIY Potpourri After Gardening

After a hard day of deadheading your flowers, instead of tossing them in the compost bin, how about some DIY potpourri!?! Potpourri Fixings: Potpourri can be made from many different things from your yard that you’d normally consider waste. Woody seedheads, nutshells and even tree bark can hold fragrance essences for a long time. The only thingsContinue reading “DIY Potpourri After Gardening”

Asparagus: An Edible Privacy Border Hedge

Using an asparagus hedge is just one way to incorporate an edible plant into the ornamental landscape. It’s easy to grow and good for you! Asparagus is So Healthy Mother Nature sure knew what she was doing when she created asparagus. Asparagus is low in calories & sodium. It is a good source of calcium,Continue reading “Asparagus: An Edible Privacy Border Hedge”

Beware of the Mulch Volcano

Creating mulch volcanos is one of the worse things you can do to a tree. I am so saddened when I see trees mulched up to their lower branches, called ‘Mulch Volcanos’. If the truck of your tree looks the same as a telephone pole, there’s too much mulch on it!!! The tree should flareContinue reading “Beware of the Mulch Volcano”

Save Your Forest – Eat Garlic Mustard!

Seems many folks are taking advantage of the forest preserves during the quarantine, which is awesome, as nature can heal us both mentally and physically! However, sadly, due to the same quarantine, volunteer work days at the forest preserves have been cancelled. These workday delays will allow invasive species to get a stronger foothold inContinue reading “Save Your Forest – Eat Garlic Mustard!”

Plant Trees Like a Licensed Arborist

If you’re not going to plant a tree correctly, why even plant it at all? If you’ve invested in adding a tree to your yard, you’ll need to know how to plant it properly. Remember, your tree is an investment (at the least) and a part of the family, you should only do what’s bestContinue reading “Plant Trees Like a Licensed Arborist”

How to Buy And Burn Firewood Like a Pro

After reading these tips, you will not only be able to buy the best firewood for your buck, you’ll be able to burn that firewood without smoking out your house or neighbors! There are not many things that I like about cold weather, however snuggling-up to a roaring fire with my honey tops the list!Continue reading “How to Buy And Burn Firewood Like a Pro”

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Landscaping

Landscaping can significantly reduce energy costs of heating and cooling the home. Some well-placed shade trees, evergreens and shrubs not only look great, but also keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Not much solar energy enters our homes through the walls and roof because of the insulation. Sun shiningContinue reading “Reduce Your Energy Costs With Landscaping”

Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus; Do You Know the Difference?

Most likely, if you’re buying a blooming holiday cactus before the holidays, its a Thanksgiving cactus, not a Christmas cactus. I can’t begin to tell you how often I see stores advertising Thanksgiving cactus as Christmas cactus. (And we’re not even going to bring up their bastard cousin, the Easter cactus – Schlumbergera gaertneri.) ItContinue reading “Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus; Do You Know the Difference?”

Picking Your Perfect Poinsettia

No more picking your holiday poinsettia and having it fail before the holidays. With these great tips, not only will your poinsettia be a perfect highlight for your table, it can also be next year’s guest! A Little History First… Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are woody shrubs native to Mexico and Central America where grow upContinue reading “Picking Your Perfect Poinsettia”